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May 19, 2010 Professor Stewart Rogers What Business Intelligence Really Means  

Wednesday, May 5, 2010 9:55:00 PM Categories: Meeting


We have a very special opportunity for you to learn from Professor Stewart Rogers of the Business Intelligence Graduate Program at SMU – Cox School of Business!

Professor Stewart Rogers is going to give us a rare and valuable insight into what Business Intelligence really means to the corporate world and how YOU can enable their Business Analysts to do their analysis work without overburdening Report Writers.


Some of the topics Professor Rogers will cover will be:

·         Tips and tricks for identifying, (via the SSIS DNS Test Connection)

·         Which applications are being called and how to optimize this

·         Why and when to use Excel as a reporting tool

·         The Pro's and cons of using Excel pivot tables as a reporting and alternatives to pivot tables

(collecting SQL data and creating dynamic Excel reports in the formats that are actually being utilized for large corporations by their Business Analysts (using 7-11 as an example of this methodology)…in other words, pushing into specific Excel fields exactly what the BA’s are having to cut’n’paste and restructure into their spreadsheets to perform their Business Analysis, such as the Pivot Tables in Excel as they almost always need).

·         How to take slices from a data warehouse and move into a smaller stand-alone database for portability to locations that have no external connectivity or have limited software approaches (small businesses or remote businesses that must rely on stand-alone solutions such as SQL Express or Access databases), which actually enables DBA’s to branch out to assist in or create solutions for a turn-key data analysis solution for small to medium businesses or even large corporations when their business processes restrict their network connectivity.


Apr 21, 2010 Jason Massie Running Mixed Workloads on SQL Server 

Sunday, April 18, 2010 8:21:00 AM Categories: Meeting


Those of you who have had the privilege to hear MVP Jason Massie speak know the surprising new twists and depths he brings to a topic. Check out his blog: http://statisticsio.com/  And come check him out this Wednesday. 



In an ideal world, you can separate your OLTP traffic and reporting so the databases can be optimized for their respective workloads. In the real world, this is not always an option. Business requirements may require real time data which means reporting off of the OLTP environment. We will first look at the shortcomings of different reporting solutions. We will then look at features that help a mixed workloads play nicely together. Some of these features include filtered indexes, indexes views, persisted computed columns, data compression, resource governor, partitioning and others. We will also touch on database design concepts that can help mixed workloads and leave you with topics to research further so you master the juggling act that is mixed workloads

Mar 17, 2010 Andy Eggers and his Glorious Time Calculations! 

Wednesday, March 10, 2010 8:20:00 AM Categories: Meeting


Who needs a little more BI? Since we just finished up a weekend SSAS classes with Michael Hotek, we'd like to keep the BI discussion rolling.

Any of you that have come for the classes or the monthly meetings know that if you give Andy Eggers 5 minutes he will bubble over about analysis. He loves analysis and he loves talking about it. He also has some really nifty time calculation tools and tips to share. You have to see his time dimension! It never occurred to me all the ways to calculate the fiscal and calendar years and the business days in this detail.

This is real customer analysis you can do on site, now. This should be a real treat.

Come see Increasing Customer Loyalty Using Business Intelligence with Andy Eggers.


After the meeting, follow Brian to the Covey just north on Hulen to address the St. Patty's day portion of the equation.


See you there,


Feb 17, 2010 Brian Guarnieri & Richard Mason putting the funk back in SQL Server Reporting Services  

Friday, February 12, 2010 8:16:00 AM Categories: Meeting


This coming Wednesday the 17th is our February meeting. 6:30 PM for food and catching up with everybody else and 7pm is show time!


This time we have Brian Guarnieri & Richard Mason putting the funk back in SQL Server Reporting Services with cascading parameters, dynamic SQL and they promised maybe a little James Brown & Parliament Funk-a-delic.



Also, this Saturday morning at 8:30 AM - 4 PM is the kick off for all things OLAP with our 4 Saturday Analysis Services class. All you Hotek-a-teers out there get another chance at some class time with our favorite SQL Server author.

Jan 20, 2010 Tim Costello SSIS and Setting Up Package Templates 

Sunday, January 10, 2010 8:10:00 AM Categories: Meeting


The User group meeting will be on Wednesdays Jan 20th at 6:300 to 8:00 and learn more on SSIS and setting up package templates which document the execution time(s) of the SSIS package(s), individual task(s), and variable(s) within the package put on by Tim Costello.


 The Fort Worth SQL Server User Group and Mike Hotek is happy to offer two classes. The first is SQL Server integration class and the second is SQL Server Analysis classes


The SQL Server Integration (SSIS) class is just two Saturday’s days class starting on:     

  • 1/30/2009 from 8:30 until 4:00 pm

  • 2/06/2009 from 8:30 to until 4:00 pm

Oct 21, 2009 Trevor Barkhouse Leveraging PSSDiag/SQLDiag for Efficient Troubleshooting 

Tuesday, September 22, 2009 8:05:00 AM Categories: Meeting
We are very excited to have guest speaker Trevor Barkhouse share his upcoming PASS session with us:


Over the years, Microsoft Customer Service and Support has developed a number of amazing tools for troubleshooting SQL Server.  Thankfully many of these tools have been shared with the public.  In this session I will demonstrate the configuration and usage of PSSDiag (for SQL Server 2000) and SQLDiag (for SQL Server 2005 and 2008), which collect valuable diagnostic data.  We will then analyze the data using RML Utilities as well as a few scripts of my own.  Come and see how these tools can save you massive amounts of troubleshooting time!

Speaker:  Trevor Barkhouse is a member of the Database Implementation and Escalations team at Terremark Worldwide, Inc., a leading global provider of IT infrastructure services.  His team is responsible for the deployment, maintenance, and problem resolution for several hundred SQL Server instances belonging to Terremark's customers.  Trevor has a passion for automation, performance tuning, and troubleshooting.  His years as a software developer (before realizing his love of database administration) led to being very comfortable with coding, T-SQL or otherwise, and his love for automating as much of his work as possible.  Trevor is very active in the SQL Server community, presenting to the North Texas SQL Server Users Group (where he also serves on the board of directors) and the Greater Fort Worth SQL Server Users Group.

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