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May 19, 2010 Professor Stewart Rogers What Business Intelligence Really Means  

Wednesday, May 5, 2010 9:55:00 PM Categories: Meeting


We have a very special opportunity for you to learn from Professor Stewart Rogers of the Business Intelligence Graduate Program at SMU – Cox School of Business!

Professor Stewart Rogers is going to give us a rare and valuable insight into what Business Intelligence really means to the corporate world and how YOU can enable their Business Analysts to do their analysis work without overburdening Report Writers.


Some of the topics Professor Rogers will cover will be:

·         Tips and tricks for identifying, (via the SSIS DNS Test Connection)

·         Which applications are being called and how to optimize this

·         Why and when to use Excel as a reporting tool

·         The Pro's and cons of using Excel pivot tables as a reporting and alternatives to pivot tables

(collecting SQL data and creating dynamic Excel reports in the formats that are actually being utilized for large corporations by their Business Analysts (using 7-11 as an example of this methodology)…in other words, pushing into specific Excel fields exactly what the BA’s are having to cut’n’paste and restructure into their spreadsheets to perform their Business Analysis, such as the Pivot Tables in Excel as they almost always need).

·         How to take slices from a data warehouse and move into a smaller stand-alone database for portability to locations that have no external connectivity or have limited software approaches (small businesses or remote businesses that must rely on stand-alone solutions such as SQL Express or Access databases), which actually enables DBA’s to branch out to assist in or create solutions for a turn-key data analysis solution for small to medium businesses or even large corporations when their business processes restrict their network connectivity.


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